Contaminated drinking water in New Zealand : the public health burden

Presented by ANU College of Science

In this talk, Dr Tim Chambers will outline the development of national datasets for drinking water quality in New Zealand including, a national spatial dataset for water distribution zones (WDZ); and retrospective dataset on water quality parameters.

Tim is currently funded to investigate the association between nitrate contamination in drinking water and preterm birth using these datasets in conjunction with the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

The IDI is a whole-population database of routinely collected information from government agencies (health, tax, crime, census, housing, social services) linked at the individual-level using probabilistic matching that can be used for public good research in New Zealand.

Through his research, Tim and his team have established a national birth cohort of all babies born 2009-2021 (13 years) (~700,000 births) identified in the IDI which provides opportunities to investigate the impact of environmental exposures on child and maternal health.

About the Speaker:

Tim is a Fulbright Scholar (Harvard University) and a Senior Research Fellow in the Health, Environment and Infection Research Unit at the University of Otago, Wellington. His research interests include environmental health and infectious diseases. Tim's current research investigates the potential health burden of drinking water contamination, with a focus on nitrate contamination.

Please note that this seminar is in-person only and will be followed by a light lunch.

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Room: Brindabella Lecture Theatre