Brazil Update 2024: A conversation with experts on Brazilian Politics and Democracy

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Join the Australian Centre for Federalism for the 2024 Brazil Update, an engaging 60-minute live conversation with experts on Brazilian politics, governance, and democracy.

Dr José Antonio Cheibub (University of Pittsburgh), Dr Thiago Nascimento da Silva (ANU), and Dr Tracy B. Fenwick (ANU) will discuss the Brazilian political scene following Lula da Silva's return to power in 2023, focusing on his administration's governance challenges, the dynamics between his party’s progressive policy agenda and a significantly conservative, fragmented Congress, and other pressing issues such as the country's intense ideological polarisation, the influence of right-wing extremists within the opposition, and the state of democracy in Brazil, set against broader concerns of democratic erosion across the American continent.

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146 Ellery Crescent
Level 1, Auditorium