Beyond Oppenheimer – Nuclear Science in the 21st Century

Presented by ANU College of Science

Join us for an exciting free public lecture exploring the fascinating world of nuclear science in the 21st century! Discover how this field has evolved beyond Oppenheimer's era and continues to shape our world today.

The Manhattan Project, catalysed by Australian physicist Mark Oliphant, heralded the dawn of the Atomic Age and a new era in science. In the subsequent decades, nuclear scientists made an astonishing array of discoveries and developed new technologies to fuel cutting-edge innovation in all scientific fields

Powerful particle accelerators, such as the one here at ANU, allow us to use nuclear fusion - first demonstrated by Oliphant - to discover new chemical elements, develop new cancer therapies, and understand the inner workings of stars. They also can be used for ultra-precise atom counting, which allows us to determine the age of cells in the brain, discover evidence for recent supernovae at the bottom of the ocean, and may even help us define a new geological epoch - the Anthropocene.

ANU Nuclear physicist Dr Ed Simpson will take you on an exciting journey through these diverse facets of nuclear science, that are being explored right here in Canberra from the start of the Atomic Age to the cutting edge of 21st century nuclear science.

This in-person event will be held at the Auditorium - New Physics Building ANU. Don't miss out on this free lecture and to expand your knowledge in the area. Reserve your spot now!

Sponsored by Heavy Ion Accelerators, a project funded by the Commonwealth Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) programme


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Room: Auditorium



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