Authoritarian state accountability via private sector strategies

Presented by ANU College of Law

The past decades have witnessed a growth in authoritarian regimes, with the Myanmar military coup and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan marking the most visible recent examples.

In such cases, civilian protests have demonstrated a will for democratic resistance. The international community, however, has struggled to find multilateral state responses, with attempted initiatives in forums such as the United Nations impeded by the resistance of Russia and the Peoples' Republic of China. Unilateral state responses are possible but suffer from ad hoc implementation and a reliance upon the will of political leadership.

Join our speakers as they explore the alternative of non-state action as a potential option and present an overview of strategies against authoritarian states available to private parties in civil society and business. They will also discuss the creative approaches by private sector actors interested in supporting the struggle of pro-democracy voices against the growth of authoritarian states.