ANU Malaysia Update 2023

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ANU Malaysia Update 2023 - 25 years of Reformasi: A Critical Reflection

The 2022 Malaysian general election (GE15) saw long-time oppositional leader and reformist icon Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister of Malaysia, more than two decades after he initiated the Reformasi movement that created rippling effects throughout society. From prison to Putrajaya, is Anwar's success a happy ending for Reformasi? 

Of course, the Reformasi ideals were always about more than just Anwar's political ambitions. It is crucial and timely to conduct a critical reflection on the many aspects of reform agendas in Malaysia, not only politics but also economic, social, cultural and environmental developments since the late 1990s. For example, to what extent has Malaysia's economic structure evolved since the 1998 Asian financial crisis? How have artists, cultural and media practitioners pushed for change and to what extent have they succeeded? How has Islam been a driver of change in Malaysia over the past 25 years? How has the notion of indigenous identity evolved? What is the state of civil society today after the height of anti-corruption social movements in the 2010s? Has Malaysia become more of a 'leader' in the Southeast Asian region and global affairs, or become more insular and domestic-focused? 

The ANU Malaysia Institute will hold the 2023 Malaysia Update conference (hybrid) in Canberra on Monday 20 March, followed by a postgraduate symposium (in-person only) on Tuesday 21 March.

The conference will feature leading academics of Malaysian Studies in Australia and Malaysia, as well as contributions from policymakers, students, and the general public.

Speakers on day one include: 

  • Sivarasa Rasiah, Former Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Malaysia
  • Azmil Tayeb, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • James Chin, University of Tasmania
  • Masjaliza Hamzah, Center for Independent Journalism
  • Ross Tapsell, ANU
  • Faisal Tehrani, National University of Malaysia
  • Ying Xin Show, ANU
  • Björn Dressel, ANU
  • June Rubis, University of Sheffield
  • Nithiyananthan Muthusamy, Khazanah Research Institute
  • Teck Chi Wong, University of Queensland
  • Dian AH Shah, National University of Singapore

The aim is to offer fresh perspectives on the study of Malaysia as well as to reflect on recent changes in Malaysia's politics and society.

The conference is open to the general public, with in-person and online-attendance on Monday 20 March. 


Date and Times


Room: Barton Theatre



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