Why volunteer

The ANU alumni community has reached its 100,000th member in a global family that is growing every year.

Our volunteers are a distinguished group of individuals whose outstanding generosity demonstrates a commitment to the traditions of yesterday and the vision of tomorrow.

Our volunteers - alumni and students alike - have been doing the university proud through activities ranging from recruiting prospective students, sharing career insights and advice, organising alumni events, developing networks, mentoring and much more.

The Alumni Relations team is proud of its volunteers and we recognise their contributions and thank them for their constant and steadfast support. 

If you would like to volunteer for ANU Alumni Relations, please contact us.

2016 Alumni Relations Volunteers

Abhishek Gupta

Adam Abdulla

Adam Johns

Alexandra Tyson-Beer

Ali Shah

Alissa Irgang

Amanda Lee

Anthony Moore

Brad Yee Yoon

Caitlin Baille

Chantal Gargour

Charles Carroll

Cheryl Ng

Eileen Hudson

Elizabeth Lee

Felicia Lim

Galen Hsieh

Gemma Killen

Georgina Vallance

Gracia Billy Mambrasar

Harriet Bateman

Helen Phelps

Hiroto Yamauchi

Iris Chan

Jared Kong

Jason Shen

Jeffrey Robertson

Jessica Bartik

Jonathan Daventry

Leah Jabornik

Lescinska Fernandez

Levi Barker

Lik H Li

Maggie Ma

Megan Studman

Melati Melati

Oliver Garett-Jones

Pin-Te Lin

Risa Bhinekawati

Rosemary White

Roy Cho

Russell Clark

Sam Wall

Samantha Carey

Shiu Man S Lee

Simon Liu

Sneh Lata

Tengda (Mike) Han

Wai Ho Choi

Yekti Pratiwi

Zhiyan Liu

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