We are bringing Cybernetics to Sydney and Melbourne, come join us!

Presented by ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

The School of Cybernetics will be delivering learning experiences in Sydney and Melbourne this November. These non-award learning experiences are designed to prepare today's leaders, creatives and change-makers for an increasingly fast-paced technological world. 

Learn how Cybernetics can help you build necessary skills for the future. 

Introducing Cybernetic Leadership

Being a leader in today's tech-driven environment can be tough. Emerging technologies such as AI and automation challenge decision-makers across all sectors to respond rapidly to complex and ambiguous situations, while managing the often-unknown risks and opportunities of adoption and deployment. Concurrently, conventional organisational structures and relationships are also giving way as these technologies usher in new social norms and ways of working.

This one-day learning experience offers leaders a chance to learn ways to navigate these unfamiliar waters. Join School director Genevieve Bell as we develop leaders' capabilities in self-reflection and systemic thinking, preparing them to meet the challenges of the future. Drawing on interdisciplinary research, the learning experience guides learners through cybernetic leadership principles for the 21st century that are immediately and pragmatically applicable to their own contexts.


This learning experience is suitable for people taking on leadership or management duties in organisational or community contexts, regardless of industry. It is particularly relevant for those leading change.

Through this learning experience you will

  • Learn and practice cybernetic leadership principles to better navigate emerging technologies and the organisational complexities they introduce
  • Understand the history and practice of leadership from interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Learn to the create conditions for team resilience in ambiguous and uncertain situations

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