We are bringing Cybernetics to Sydney and Melbourne, come join us!

Presented by ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

The School of Cybernetics will be delivering learning experiences in Sydney and Melbourne this November. These non-award learning experiences are designed to prepare today's leaders, creatives and change-makers for an increasingly fast-paced technological world. 

Learn how Cybernetics can help you build necessary skills for the future. 

Decoding AI through Cybernetics

Artificial Intelligence is suddenly everywhere. New AI solutions are being openly released to the public and integrated into everyday computing systems across all sectors and settings, both with and without our consent. Concern about the impact of these novel technologies continue to play out in the public discourse and through legal and social challenges to the legitimacy of these systems.

This one-day learning experience will empower participants with a stronger and clearer understanding of AI technologies and their implications and controversies. The program will develop new ways to discuss AI outside the constraints of existing - and often misleading - technological terms and narratives. Participants will explore expected and unexpected outcomes and interactions between the components of an AI system and wider societal systems. Using cybernetic tools, participants will further consider how to manage the technology across current and future deployment scenarios.


This learning experience is suitable for all persons interested in or involved with AI in a professional capacity, with no prior technical training or background required.

Through this learning experience you will

  • Understand AI technologies and explore new terms for explaining and framing AI.
  • Learn how AI is integrated in broader social systems and apply cybernetic tools for AI management.
  • Assess and imagine current and future deployments of AI.

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