Pathways to precision: empowering patient care through genomics - Day two

Presented by ANU College of Health & Medicine

Day Two – Patient Day

This event is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between personal experiences and scientific advancements, fostering a deeper connection between patients, clinicians, and researchers. Join us for an insightful journey into the heart of healthcare, where dialogue paves the way for a more personalized and empathetic approach to patient care.

What to Expect:

Patient Stories:
Immerse yourself in the personal journeys of individuals who have navigated the complexities of healthcare. These stories serve as a testament to resilience, highlighting the human side of medical challenges.

Research Insights from Postdocs and PhDs:
Discover the innovative projects and research initiatives led by postdocs and PhD researchers. Gain insights into the advancements shaping the future of healthcare and witness firsthand the dedication to improving patient outcomes.

Patient and Clinician Personalised Medicine Panel:
Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion where patients and clinicians come together to discuss the transformative impact of personalised medicine. Explore the collaborative efforts driving patient-centered care and the evolving landscape of medical treatment.

Genetics: What Can and Can't Tell Us:
Uncover the intricacies of genetics as Marcus Hinchcliffe guides us through a session on what our genetic code can reveal and the limitations it may present. Gain a deeper understanding of the role genetics plays in healthcare decision-making.

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Date and Times


Finkel Lecture Theatre,
The John Curtin School of Medical Research