Human Rights Act 2004 of the ACT

Presented by ANU College of Law

Join ANU College of Law Visiting Fellow Professor Miho Aoi as she discusses her research on the Human Rights Act 2004 (HRA) of the ACT. Her overall research plan is on the mode of Australian human rights protection, which can be said to be an exception compared to the global constitutionalism.

Professor Aoi is visiting the ANU College of Law to learn from the Australian experience to recalibrate the framework of the constitutional review in Japan, for their system is somewhat parliamentary led in nature despite the efforts devoted to incorporating the US-style constitutional review. This one-year sabbatical has been the first phase of what she estimates will be a five-year research project in total. Due to the obvious challenges of 2020 and the limitations for her visit, Professor Aoi has concentrated on human rights protection in the judicial process.

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