Celebrate 75 years of ANU across 75 cities around the world!

This year, we invite ANU alumni to join us in celebrating 75 years of The Australian National University, both in Australia and around the world.

Whether it's two of you having drinks, a big dinner or an outdoor picnic - we want as many alumni as possible to get together around the world to celebrate 75 years of ANU.

View our event listings for other city events and sign up now; and if you cannot see your city listed, then please do get in touch with us at alumni@anu.edu.au and we can help organise an event in your city.

Upcoming cities

Format: 25/09/2022
Format: 25/09/2022

No event listed in your city?

Email alumni@anu.edu.au and we'll support you to host your very own 75 Cities event!