Thank you for celebrating 75 years of ANU across 75 cities around the world!

Over this last year, we invited ANU alumni to join us in celebrating 75 years of The Australian National University (ANU), both in Australia and around the world.
Whether it was two of you having drinks, a big dinner or an outdoor picnic, we wanted as many alumni as possible to get together around the world to celebrate 75 years of ANU - and you did!
Thank you to everyone who was involved, especially our volunteer hosts, but also to all our speakers, attendees and staff who - together - made these celebrations happen.
We look forward to building on this momentum and staying connected with our global ANU alumni community in 2023.
View our event photos from over 75 celebrations around the world, on our Facebook page here or re-watch our 75 Cities commemorative video here.

Upcoming cities

Format: 11/06/2023
Format: 11/06/2023

Sorry. No events are scheduled at this time.