ANU Connect

Welcome to ANU Connect, an online platform for alumni of The Australian National University to share career insights and professional experiences through authentic short videos and on-demand video calls. ANU Connect is dedicated to your professional development and is a super easy and fun way to connect, be inspired and learn from each other. 

Whether you are looking for career advice, workplace tips, or want to guide others, ANU Connect allows you to grow with your alumni community.  

Hosted on our partner platform, Kintell, you can seamlessly network with alumni around the world, search alumni by sector and professional expertise, book one-on-one coaching, and even share your own video blogs – all within the same platform.  

Create your profile and choose how you would like to interact:


Join as an advisor to share your career knowledge and expertise with your fellow alumni. You will be able to select your availability for calls, and alumni can book a coaching slot with you.


If you are looking for career guidance, then join as a learner to find alumni who can provide insights and support. You will be able to book time for one-on-one coaching calls (but as a learner, others will not be able to schedule calls with you).

Advisor and learner

You can be both an advisor and learner! Suitable for everyone looking to network, share and learn from others.

Make the most of your global ANU alumni community and join ANU Connect now! It only takes three minutes to sign up and start connecting.


How can I join ANU Connect?

Visit to sign up, and you will be approved within 48 hours. If you choose to be an advisor, our partner team (Kintell) will be in contact with you, inviting you to draft your ANU Connect profile. Once you complete and submit your profile, it will be visible for other members to connect.

What is the time commitment for advisors?

There is no strict time commitment for advisors. You are able to select your availability, which can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours. You can participate anywhere you have internet access and on days and times that are convenient to you.

What are the expectations of learners and advisors?

The main expectation is that you commit to your bookings. If you need to reschedule the booking, please let your fellow alumni know as soon as possible.

Will there be any in-person meetings?

The platform facilitates online bookings only. If you are interested in connecting with an advisor in person, you can message them when scheduling your appointment and check their interest and availability.

Is there any cost to participate?

This is a free service for all ANU alumni.


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