Thinkers and challengers

Alexandra Markey & Allister Mills (MMusmHteSt ‘17)
15 Nov 2021

I've always enjoyed robust intellectual debate. While studying my Master of Museum and Heritage Studies at ANU, I would often present a different point of view in lectures and tutes to stimulate discussions. Allister would meet me head-on with his argumentative ability, and we had many lively discussions. It was great to be challenged by an equal, in a class full of like-minded people.

The first time we spoke out of the classroom, we realised we weren't so different after all. We had a similar theoretical opinion on our studies. I remember us at an exhibition at the Drill Hall Gallery in 2017. We really began to connect on our common interests.

Today, we both work at the Australian War Memorial. Though we work in different areas, we still enjoy healthy debate. We always challenge but support each other. It comes together in a balance. This has influenced the way we work with others too. It's so important to consider differing viewpoints while working something out together.

Our ANU degree opened us to many different things. Our broad interests have helped us in our career journey, and I know Allister has been an important part of mine. Even if our paths diverge hereon, we'll always remain good friends and stay connected. We'll continue to challenge and support each other.

Allister jokes that he remembers our time at ANU as this big montage of me challenging his points of view.

How do I remember uni? In the top left corner of the Sir Roland Wilson Building, there's a classroom with a beautiful open bay window. Allister and I are debating passionately well into the evening as the sun sets.

To find a like mind is such a wonderful thing.

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