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Chioma Nzewi (MIntDevEc ‘16)
18 Nov 2022

Everyone at ANU, from the students to the faculty and staff, supported me to achieve my vision.

It was Jennifer Ozegbe who recommended I use my Australia Award scholarship to study at the Australian National University (ANU). She was an alumnus of the Crawford School of Public Policy where she had studied international and development economics. She pointed out that ANU ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide and had a friendly multi-cultural environment. So, I enrolled at ANU and did a Master degree in International and Development Economics.
ANU has impacted my career tremendously. I learned academic and soft skills that have helped me stand out in the workforce. In particular, my econometrics class gave me an advanced knowledge of Excel that has played a vital role in my work.
While at ANU, I stayed at Toad Hall, which was a multicultural residence with people from over 70 countries. Toad Hall sponsored multi-cultural events, so that students could showcase their cultures through food, dress and dance. Toad Hall supported us in many ways, and even gave us free food, cosmetics, clothes and toiletries. I have fond memories of the lunches with the Toad Hall staff.
At ANU, I made strong connections with my classmates who came from so many different places including Malaysia, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Gambia and China. Connecting with them was unique. We spent hours together at the computer lab preparing for exams, carrying out assignments and writing papers. We also spent quality time at the library, reading and researching. The University's open spaces made it easy for us students to bond during meals and breaks.
These classmates became true friends who looked out for me like family. Even after they left ANU and I remained, they kept looking out for me and were always there to show their love and support.
During my time at ANU, I was elected Vice President of the Africa Students Association. This gave me the opportunity to build my leadership skills and meet African High Commissioners. Through the association, my good friend Difie Adwoa and I organised an African Day and catered for over 400 students. This and many other experiences helped me learn teamwork, which has been very useful in my career.
One of my fondest memories from ANU occurred during my graduation. My friend Dharani was there, and her mum walked up to me and thanked me for being a great support to her daughter. Another time, I was invited by Billy, the Head of ANU Scholarship Students, to have lunch with her family. She was another person who contributed to my studies and family life.
Since graduating, I stay connected with my ANU friends through social media. Difie has travelled from her home in Ghana to visit me in Nigeria. Another friend Omar Bagjie from Gambia also visited me when he was here for a program.
My advice to current ANU students is to get involved in different programs to broaden your horizons. Present your papers, go to films and participate in multi-cultural activities. Finally, enjoy the ambience at ANU, which is beautiful and breathtaking.

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