Kambri Scholars connect through Tjabal

Hunter Culbong (BCrim ‘21)
24 June 2022

I'm Hunter Culbong. I'm a Noongar man, and I'm a Kambri Scholar. Being offered a Kambri Scholarship to study at ANU is a life-changing experience, there are a lot of differences and changes within me because of it.

The scholarship opportunity was really the thing that allowed me to come to ANU in the first place. Initially, I wanted to be a Police Officer, but I've learned a lot at ANU that has helped evolve my sentiments and the way I feel. Now, I'm interested in answering questions that are a lot larger than they appear to be. Having recently become the first graduate of the Kambri Scholars Program, I've decided to stay on and do my Honours.

The Tjabal Centre at ANU has really helped and supported me through university, and a couple of the staff there have been instrumental in my journey. Aunty Anne, the Director of the Tjabal Centre, has been really, really supportive. She's probably helped with every single problem that I've faced while studying at ANU.

The Tjabal Centre also connected me with other Indigenous students at ANU. I've now got friends all over the country and connections all over the place now too. That's really great to have - no matter where I am, I just ring up and I will know someone there.

Studying in Canberra, and being so far away from home, means I don't get to see my family much. But I think it's been worth it because the University has provided me with opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have had.

The Kambri Scholars Program is so important because it enables more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to study at ANU. The connections and support I've received as a Kambri Scholar, and from the wonderful people at the Tjabal Centre, have been what got me through university.


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