Environmental Management Plan 2022-2025


As Australia's national university, we recognise our responsibility to tackle pressing global sustainability issues. It is within this context that we present Dhaagun, the University's Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 2022-2025, a testament to our dedication to creating a better and more sustainable world, for generations to come.

Derived from the local Walgalu (Ngambri) and Wiradjuri languages, Dhaagun encapsulates the essence of the Earth while emphasising the precious and finite nature of our resources. Aligned with the ANU Strategic Plan and our commitment to strengthening our national mission through our research, teaching and operations, this EMP lays out clear actions to contribute to global environmental sustainability.

Central to our strategy is the integration of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, both in our planning and measurement processes. By aligning our efforts with these global benchmarks, we ensure that our actions have a meaningful impact and contribute to broader sustainability objectives. The EMP focuses on six key pillars:

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions management
  2. Energy management
  3. Water management
  4. Built environment
  5. Circular economy
  6. Biodiversity and conservation

These pillars represent crucial aspects of environmental sustainability for the next three years but are by no means exhaustive.

The EMP provides a roadmap for collaboration with stakeholders, emphasising the crucial engagement of First Nations communities. We believe that by working together, we can achieve our shared responsibilities and make significant progress toward a sustainable future.

Now in its sixth iteration, the EMP takes into account the changes brought about by the pandemic era and the return of students to on-campus learning. As we respond to the global challenge of sustainability, the EMP sets ambitious targets for all ANU campuses, aiming to innovate and lead in reducing environmental impacts, including carbon emissions associated with our operations.

The EMP signifies a vital step on our journey to incorporate best practice sustainability principles into every facet of our work.

ANU Council endorsed the EMP in December 2022, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability. We are dedicated to diligently tracking our progress and providing regular updates to our valued stakeholders.


The Hon Julie Bishop                                                      Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC FAA

Chancellor                                                                         Vice-Chancellor and President

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