Annual Report 2011


The Australian National University (ANU) is unique within Australia. Established under Commonwealth Government legislation we are noted for our high research intensity and relatively large lecturer to student ratio.

We are also unique in that a very high proportion of our students are from outside the ACT and live on campus. Thus we develop a unique residential experience for our students. World-class research is central to our mission and research shapes our expectations of staff, our international linkages and importantly, the nature of an ANU education.

During 2011, the University developed a new strategic plan, ANU by 2020. This plan defines two broad goals for the University: to be Australia’s national university and Australia’s finest university.

These goals will be achieved through our excellence in research, education and public policy. The plan sees these three elements as being closely linked. We aim for the vast majority of our academic staff to be highly research-active and this research intensity will shape the research-led nature of our education.

Importantly, our research excellence and educational activities should also impact public policy.

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