Annual Report 2006


The University Council approved an Operational Improvements Plan in June 2005, which included structural reforms and in particular an academic structure around seven ANU Colleges.

From 1 January 2006, the ANU Colleges were formally constituted and began operation. The principal role of the Colleges is to coordinate the academic work of ANU within disciplines and areas of research and education.

Across the University, 2006 was a year of transition to the College structure.The College Convener assumed responsibility for overall planning within each College, and the Dean of the College assumed responsibility for all educational matters. The College Advisory Board (or insome cases, College Forum) became the principal reference bodies for advising the College executive on strategic matters.

Changes to University rules and delegations were made to reflect the College structure, and accreditation and administrative systems established.

By the end of 2006 a number of academic initiatives were underway as a result of College-wide planning processes: College research projects; new degree programs, in some cases developed in conjunction with partners from industry and government; and some significant infrastructure development taking College needs into account.

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