Annual Report 2005


Last year’s Annual Report focused on the independent Quality Review conducted in 2004. As discussed in that report, the Review was completed with outstanding results. It did however make a number of recommendations designed to ensure the University was well positioned to respond to the changing global environment. In keeping with these recommendations, in 2005 the Vice-Chancellor led a comprehensive review of the University’s operations, with the intention of giving ANU the base to achieve the following objectives:

  • research at the highest standards of excellence
  • educational programs informed by current research and active researchers – as a source of knowledge and a way of learning which will give students a memorably good experience of ANU
  • graduates with capabilities for global participation
  • scholarly outcomes that advance Australia
  • service of value to national and international communities.

In June 2005, the University’s Council approved the Operational Improvements Plan. Since then, there has been rapid progressin implementing the structural reforms that underpin the plan, in particular the formation of the ANU Colleges. The University’s Faculties, Research Schools, and Centres have been grouped along discipline lines into the following seven Colleges.

This structure builds on the strengths of The Faculties and the Institute of Advanced Studies and will enhance collaboration between both parts of the University.

Membership of each College is shown in the University Structure diagram. A Convener and Dean have been appointed to lead each College. College Conveners have responsibility to establish College plans, and annual reports on performance, for the purposes of University strategic planning and budget-setting; and College Deans have authority over all educational matters in the College.

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