Annual Report 2001


In January 2001, Professor Ian Chubb AO took up the position of Vice-Chancellor of the University following the retirement of Professor Deane Terrell at the end of 2000. Professor Chubb is the 10th Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University.

The first task of the Vice-Chancellor was to clarify the primary functions, objectives and strategic goal of The Australian National University. The process of doing so involved extensive consultation with internal and external stakeholders - the University's Council; staff and students; State, Territory and Federal Government; academic peers both nationally and internationally; business and industry; and intending or future students.

The University has two primary functions: research and education. Its primary research objective is to maintian its national leadership in research and sustain its capacity to tackle complex, large-scale fundamental research problems that require research strength and depth within and between disciplines. Its primary education objective is to become the university of choice for the most able students nationally and internationally, while being attentive to its local role.

As a strategic goal, The Australian National University will consolidate its place within the top rank of the world's research-led universities.

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