Wendy Dimond

Education Advisor

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

I have been a member of staff at the ANU for 6 years, before which I worked (in both academic and professional roles) and studied at other Universities in Australia and New Zealand. My experience has given me a wide appreciation for the importance of professional and academic staff to work together to achieve both research and educational outcomes. I believe Academic Board is one of the places this relationship is, and should be, the strongest. At the Academic Board I would work hard to represent student and academic staff needs from a professional staff perspective.

My current role working to maintain programs and courses for CASS has meant I have worked with ASQO and academic staff not just in CASS but across the University. I support academic staff in the accreditation of programs and work closely with the student office to ensure the outcomes of the curriculum are met for students. This work has meant I have extensive understanding of educational policy at the ANU and the impacts this has on both staff and students. I would welcome the opportunity to represent the professional staff community of ANU on Academic Board.