University Coursework Scholarships Committee


The objective of the Committee is to recommend the award of certain coursework scholarships and to provide quality assurance of the University's coursework scholarships.


The Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • set a University-wide coursework scholarship strategy with clear targets and outcomes;
  • review reports on:
    • new, revised or disestablished scholarships;
    • incidents relating to scholarships and/or recipients;
    • needs gaps and current and predicted trends in scholarships;
    • outcomes of scholarship awards and trends in recipient performance;
    • annual financial and compliance monitoring.
  • provide recommendations:
    • to the Coursework Scholarships Office in matters of scholarship practice including those not covered by the Student financial awards policy or Scholarships (coursework) procedure;
    • on merits lists for coursework scholarships as per the Conditions of Award;
    • on changes to the Scholarships (coursework) procedure.
  • report:
    • to other stakeholders on the success of the University's coursework scholarship strategy including trends in the performance of scholarships and recipients;
    • to the Academic Quality Assurance Committee and Academic Board as outlined in Section 15; and
    • on any matter referred to it by the Academic Quality Assurance Committee or the University Executive.  



CategoryMemberTerm expiry
Chair Professor Grady Venville
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
18 Jan 2023Ex-officio
ANU College Representatives Associate Professor Merryn McKinnon
ANU College of Science
Associate Professor Mathew Davies
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Associate Professor Wayne Morgan
ANU College of Law
Associate Professor Natalie Lloyd
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Dr Dana Hanna
ANU College of Business and Economics
University Registrar Mr Scott Pearsall Ex-officio
Dean of Students Dr Peter Hendriks Ex-officio
Associate Registrar, Admissions and Scholarships Mr Andrew Alcorn Ex-officio
Standing Observers Mr Michael Lonergan
Chief Financial Officer
Mr Tristan Yip
Student Representative, PARSA
Student Representative, ANUSA Ex-officio

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