Technology-Enhanced Learning Reference Group (TELRG)

The objective of the Technology-Enhanced Learning Reference Group (TELRG) is to provide both responsive and proactive advice on current and future developments, opportunities and risks related to TEL activities within the University, nationally and internationally, as well as to enable the operationalisation of such advice or TEL-related initiatives.

Terms of Reference

  • In its relation with TLDC and relating to the TEL aspects of teaching and learning developments and initiatives at ANU, the role of TELRG is to provide both responsive and proactive advice, as well as appropriate working-party support for planning and coordination of activities, with special focus on:
    • opportunities to expand and improve TEL at ANU;
    • issues affecting student and staff experiences of TEL at ANU and options to address them;
    • national and international developments in TEL that align with University vision and strategy.
  • In supporting its interaction with TLDC, TELRG is to nurture, develop and maintain good strategic and operational relationships and communications with Associate Deans Education (or their representatives). The flagship of this role is the TELRG-ADE forum, typically held twice yearly.
  • In carrying out its liaison role between Colleges, Central Divisions and Student Associations, TELRG is to:
    • communicate with these areas to maintain awareness of and receive feedback regarding TEL developments, initiatives and experiences at ANU;
    • liaise with these areas to coordinate enhancements to staff and student experiences of TEL at ANU;
    • provide advice to projects and areas regarding TEL developments and initiatives.

Reference Documents

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