Professor Lyndall Strazdins

Director, Engaged ANU
National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health
ANU College of Health & Medicine

I care about this University and see a need for renewal and reinvestment - our academic community needs to be enabled to deliver.  By this I mean having the resources and processes to do what we care about and achieve our strategic mission. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Council to realise this.

I have been a senior leader at ANU and also an ECR living year-to-year on contracts. I am well regarded for my attention to processes that bring people together and into decision making, for being practical and strategic. I am currently a Professor at the National Centre of Epidemiology and Population Health, focussing on time, its importance for good health, and its power to drive gender inequity and poverty. I'm also leading Engaged ANU, a pilot to resource ANU academics to communicate research through collaborating with creative experts. I established this project because I believe our University's relevance and eminence hinges on deeper relationships with communities and making our scholarship visible. I also believe ANU academics are hungry for supports and opportunities to connect with the people their research matters to, and this was a mechanism to help them.