Micro-credentials and MOOCs Committee

The objective of the Micro-credentials and MOOCs Committee is to monitor, advise and provide assurance to the Academic Quality Assurance Committee on the quality of the Micro-credentials (including Micro-credential stacks) and MOOCs offered by the University and its constituent parts.


Category Member Term expiry
Chair Professor Royston Gustavson
Dean, Academic Quality
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Grady Venville
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education & Digital) Professor Maryanne Dever
Deputy or Associate Deans (Education) Associate Professor Geoff Hinchcliffe
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
31 Dec 2021
Associate Professor Wayne Morgan
ANU College of Law
31 Dec 2021


Date & location Deadlines
Friday 19 Mar, 10am
Thursday 15 Apr, 11.30am
Thursday 20 May, 2.30pm
Agenda submissions
29 Apr
Wednesday 16 Jun, 10am
Agenda submissions
26 May
Tuesday 20 Jul, 2pm
Agenda submissions
29 Jun
Thursday 19 Aug, 1pm
Agenda submissions
29 Jul
Wednesday 22 Sep, 1.30pm
Agenda submissions
1 Sep
Wednesday 20 Oct, 2pm
Agenda submissions
29 Sep
Thursday 18 Nov, 1.30pm
Agenda submissions
28 Oct
Wednesday 15 Dec, 2pm
Agenda submissions
24 Nov