Learning and Teaching Committee


The Learning and Teaching Committee monitors and advises the Academic Board on the development of teaching and learning within the University.


The Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • monitor best practice initiatives and evidence based research to drive innovation in educational practice,
  • ensure the realisation of the University's strategy in relation to education innovation, quality and experience,
  • advise the Academic Board and the University Executive on the higher education teaching and learning environment, and
  • consider and report on any matter referred to it by the Academic Board or the University Executive.


CategoryMemberTerm expiry
Chair Professor Maryanne Dever Ex-officio
ANU College Representatives Dr Merryn McKinnon 26 Feb 2024
Associate Professor Natalie Lloyd 26 Feb 2024
Dr Dana Hanna 26 Feb 2024
Dr Lucy Neave 26 Feb 2024
Dr Anne Macduff 26 Feb 2024
Associate Professor Roald Maliangkaij 26 Feb 2024
Dr Julia Ellyard 26 Feb 2024
Student Representative Ms Irina Samsonova 09 Nov 2023
Ms Akrti Tyagi 09 Nov 2023
Ms Charlotte Carnes 30 Nov 2023
Elected Academic Board member appointed by the Chair of AB Vacant 01 May 2022
Director - Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre Ms Anne Martin Ex-officio
Director - Information Technology Services (Alternate) Dr April Weiss Ex-officio
Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning Ms Lucy Arthur Ex-officio
Director - Planning and Service Performance (Alternate) Dr Jason Mazanov Ex-officio
General Manager of an ANU College Ms Jennifer Nott 26 Feb 2024
Chair, Technology Enhance Learning Reference Group Dr Alexandra Webb Ex-officio
Members appointed for their expertise Professor Royston Gustavson Ex-officio


Date & LocationDeadlines
Thursday 29 Feb, 9.30 am
By video-conference
Agenda deadline
15 Feb
Thursday 18 Apr, 9.30 am
By video-conference
Agenda deadline
04 Apr
Thursday 30 May, 9.30 am
By video-conference
Agenda deadline
16 May
Thursday 01 Aug, 9.30 am
By video-conference
Agenda deadline
18 Jul
Thursday 26 Sep, 9.30 am
By video-conference
Agenda deadline
12 Sep
Thursday 31 Oct, 9.30 am
By video-conference
Agenda deadline
17 Oct

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