Healthy University Working Group

The objective of the Working Group is to assist with strategic development, implementation of actions and the reporting cycle of the Healthy University Strategy as part of the University's commitment to the creation of an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible study, work and living environment as part of the University's commitment to the creation of an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible study, work and living environment as part of the University's commitment to Indigenous Australians as part of the ANU IDEA Governance Framework. The ANU IDEA Governance Framework takes a whole-of-community approach to foster a healthy working, learning and living environment for students, staff and visitors.

Terms of Reference

  • To assist in the development, implementation and review of the Healthy University Strategy action plan and associated plan in Mental Health, designed to enhance the university experience, including evaluation of outcomes and reporting to the IDEA Oversight Committee and Council.
  • To coordinate activities across the University sharing ideas and initiatives to promote the Healthy University Strategy.
  • Advocate for the Healthy University Strategy with the ANU community and beyond.
  • Provide a forum to facilitate information flow and debate on the Healthy University Strategy within the University and between senior executive officers and the wider University community.
  • Provide feedback and advice the implications of policies, programs and services on the Healthy University Strategy.


Category Member Term expiry
Deputy Director of Wellbeing or nominee (Chair) Ms Tania Willis
Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (University Experience) Professor Ian Anderson AO
Director, Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education centre or nominee Ms Anne Martin
Director, Residential Experience or nominee TBC Ex-officio
Dean of Staff or nominee Associate Professor Keturah Whitford
Dean of Students or nominee Associate Professor Miriam Gani
Associate Director, Culture and Development, Human Resources or nominee Mrs Claire Shrewsbury
Associate Director, Work Environment Group, Human Resources or nominee Mr Mark Mulligan Ex-officio
Advisor to Staff or nominee Dr Gail Frank Ex-officio
Head, ANU Counselling Dr Andrew Staniforth Ex-officio
Manager, Student Engagement and Success or nominee Mrs Sarah Walker
Student Wellbeing Officer or nominee Ms Bernadette Morris Ex-officio
Representative from Facilities and Services TBC
Representative from ANUSport Ms Katrina O’Mahony Ex-officio
Representative from Marketing and Communications TBC Ex-officio
President, PARSA or nominee TBC Ex-officio
President, ANUSA or nominee TBC Ex-officio
Representative from each College or nominee Associate Professor Carol Hayes
College of Asia and the Pacific
Ms Mier Chan
College of Arts and Social Sciences
Dr Alison Munro
College of Business and Economics
Professor Steve Blackburn
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Dr Griffith Ware
College of Health and Medicine
Mr Cameron Roles
College of Law
Representative from the Residential Colleges TBC
Representative with Mental Health expertise TBC


Date & location
Wednesday 9 Oct, 10am
R. C. Mills, Chancelry Building
Wednesday 13 Nov, 9.30am
Jean Martin Room , Room 3.32, Beryl Rawson Building
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