Gender Equity Working Group

The objective of the Working Group is to assist with strategic development, implementation of actions and the reporting cycle of the Gender Equity Working Group as part of the University's commitment to the creation of an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible study, work and living environment as part of the ANU IDEA Governance Framework. The ANU IDEA Governance Framework takes a whole-of-community approach to foster a healthy working, learning and living environment for students, staff and visitors.

Terms of reference

To assist in the implementation, evaluation, reporting and review of the SAGE Athena SWAN Action Plan and expansion to a broader Gender Equity Action Plan designed to enhance the university experience, including evaluation of outcomes and reporting to the IDEA Oversight Committee.

  • To coordinate activities across the University sharing ideas and initiatives to promote the Gender Equity Action Plan and initiatives.
  • Advocate for the Gender Equity Action Plan and initiatives with the ANU community and beyond.
  • Provide a forum to facilitate information flow and debate on the Gender Equity initiatives within the University and between senior executive officers and the wider University community.
  • Provide feedback and advice on the implications of policies, programs and services on the Gender Equity Action Plan, identifying gaps, opportunities and recommend additional actions.
  • Oversee and provide guidance to the departmental (college or school-level) Gender Equity Committees as they prepare applications for Athena SWAN Departmental Bronze and Silver awards.



Date & location
Tuesday 15 Oct, 1pm
Mills room, Chancelry Building
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