Foreign Interference Advisory Committee

The ANU Foreign Interference Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the University Research Committee.  It was established to monitor, advise and provide assurance to the University community on the management of foreign interference risks to the University.  The Committee makes determinations on foreign collaborations and, where appropriate, makes recommendations to the Vice Chancellor.  The Committee reports regularly to the University Research Committee on its operations and activities.

Terms of reference

The Committee advises the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) and the Vice-Chancellor on:

  • matters relating to foreign collaborations or foreign interference at the University
  • any matter referred to the Committee.

The Committee, in carrying out its role, is to:

  • be the point of contact for the ANU regarding external enquiries concerning foreign interference
  • provide policy advice on matters relating to possible foreign interference in the activities of the ANU
  • provide up-to-date advice on matters of foreign interference to the ANU community
  • review and provide advice on collaborative international research and/or teaching relationships
  • review and provide advice on collaborative international HDR candidate and student relationships with the ANU
  • oversee and approve ANU responses to requests from government on matters of foreign interference
  • respond to any other issues relating to foreign interference as required by the Vice Chancellor.


CategoryMemberTerm expiry
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), Chair Professor Keith Nugent Ex-officio
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Grady Venville Ex-officio
Director, ANU Communications & Engagement Mr Ed O'Daly Ex-officio
Vice President, Advancement Mr Alex Furman Ex-officio
Chief Information Security Officer Mr Suthagar Seevaratnam Ex-officio
Dean, Higher Degree Research Professor Ann Evans Ex-officio
Chief Operating Officer Mr Christopher Price Ex-officio
Dean, College of Asia & Pacific Professor Helen Sullivan Ex-officio
Dean, College of Science Professor Kiaran Kirk Ex-officio


Date & Location
Tuesday 07 Feb, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 21 Feb, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 07 Mar, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 21 Mar, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 04 Apr, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 18 Apr, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 02 May, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 16 May, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 30 May, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 13 Jun, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 27 Jun, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 11 Jul, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 25 Jul, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 08 Aug, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 22 Aug, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 05 Sep, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 19 Sep, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 03 Oct, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 17 Oct, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 31 Oct, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 14 Nov, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 28 Nov, 1.00 pm
Tuesday 12 Dec, 1.00 pm