Election to Council of a professional staff member

Council professional staff election 2020

With the expiry on 25 May 2020 of the term of office of Mrs Claire Shrewsbury it was necessary to hold an election in order to elect one member of the professional staff of the University to the ANU Council.

The member elected holds office for a term of two years from 26 May 2020.

The ANU Council is the governing body of the University. The role of the ANU Council and its committees is to ensure effective overall governance and management of the University.  There are currently 15 positions on the ANU Council consisting of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, members elected by the academic and professional staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as seven external members appointed by the Federal Minister for Education & Training.

Report of the Returning Officer on the election of a Member of Council by Members of the Professional Staff of the University

The 2020 election of a member of Council by members of the professional staff of the University was held in accordance with the Australian National University Act 1991, the Council (Elections) Statute 2016 and the Council (Elections) Rule 2016.

Eleven candidates nominated for election to Council. All candidates and their nominators were checked against the professional staff roll comprising those holding a full-time or part-time standard or fixed term professional staff appointment in the University on pay day 5 March 2020 and who were paid a salary by the University on that day. All nominations were in order.

The candidates were Rachael Bahl, Donelle Claudianos, Anna Grigson, Caterina Giugovaz, Craig Hanks, Sarah Hawkins, Marc Haynes, Jo Higgins, Matthew King, Xin Li and Paul Oakes.

An electronic ballot was conducted, using the University's APOLLO system. By the close of the poll, 710 professional staff had registered a vote. 

The scrutiny of the electronic count was conducted by the Returning Officer (Corporate Governance & Risk Office) at 1:00pm on Friday 8 May 2020. Ms Leslie McDonald from the Corporate Governance & Risk Office and Mr Simon Jenkins from the Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Division verified the results of the count.

Following the count of votes, I declare Ms Caterina Giugovaz elected.

Ms Giugovaz will hold office from 26 May 2020 until 25 May 2022.


Megan Easton
Returning Officer
Associate Director
Corporate Governance and Risk Office