Dr Elizabeth Williams

Senior Lecturer

 Elizabeth T. Williams is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Cybernetics at the Australian National University (ANU).

Elizabeth completed her PhD in nuclear structure at Yale University in December 2009 before commencing postdoctoral work in fundamental and applied nuclear physics at Yale and CSIRO. She joined the ANU in 2012, where she held an ARC DECRA fellowship. Her passion for research impact and the responsibilities that researchers have to imagine the context in which their research will be used led her to the 3A Institute (now in the School of Cybernetics), where she is currently working on creating a new branch of engineering to help artificial intelligence-enabled systems scale safely, responsibly and sustainably. She currently convenes the School of Cybernetics 2021 PhD cohort program.

Elizabeth has a strong interest in fostering inclusive research and education environments and is actively working on creating spaces for transdisciplinary research and education practice in the School of Cybernetics. If appointed to the Academic Board, she would like to use her expertise in both disciplinary and transdisciplinary research and education to help the Academic Board contribute strongly to the work needed for ANU to carry out its current strategic plan.

Elizabeth Williams
Dr Elizabeth Williams