Associate Professor Joe Coventry

Research School of Engineering
ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

Dr Coventry is a researcher and engineer experienced in development and commercialisation of concentrating solar technologies. He is an Associate Professor in the College of Engineering & Computer Science at ANU, and holds an ANU Translational Fellowship.  Prior, he was the Principal Engineer at Wizard Power, and led the engineering team and development of the Big Dish technology. Dr Coventry holds a BE/BSc from the University of Melbourne (1997), and a PhD from ANU (2004).

Dr Coventry has a research-intensive academic position, and works closely with industry in the field of renewable energy generation & storage, and decarbonisation of industry, as part of the ongoing global energy transition.  He hopes to bring perspectives valuable to the Council in the context of ANU's commitment to achieve negative greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as part of the ANU Below Zero initiative. He also hopes to contribute to strengthening ANU's culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to improving pathways for translation of research outcomes to industry and government. He is committed to efforts to foster a strong culture of equity and inclusion at ANU, and to building a respectful, supportive, collegial environment in which to work and learn.