Spring Valley Farm

Spring Valley Farm is located southwest of Canberra city in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).  Spring Valley Farm is leased by the ANU and is used for undertaking research activities.  

Accessing Spring Valley Farm

Spring Valley Farm is accessible by any ANU School or College that would like to undertake University research activities.

To gain access to the Farm, you will need to complete the Request to Access Spring Valley Farm form.

An overarching Risk Assessment for Spring Valley Farm has been undertaken, schools and colleges should review this risk assessment when completing their own to ensure that all risks identified have been included in the risk assessment.

Ensure that you provide as much information as possible and attach all risk assessments, safe work procedures and any additional documentation relevant to the activities being undertaken.

The information will be reviewed by the Facilities and Services Division WHS Team who will reply with any comments/questions as soon as practicable.  Please allow 5 business days for a response.

Once your WHS documentation has been reviewed you will be notified of the outcome and what is required to access the farm.

If the activities that you are undertaking change, or you would like to undertake additional activities you will need to send an email to Spring Valley Farm advising of the proposed changes to ensure the activities are in line with the lease requirements of the farm.

Site specific induction

Prior to accessing the site all persons that will be attending will need to complete the site-specific induction for Spring Valley Farm.

To access the induction, go to contractor induction login area. At the bottom of the Login Screen, locate "First Time here? Click to Register"– Select Spring Valley Farm from the list and complete the registration form. We strongly encourage that you provide a mobile number to enable us to contact you at the farm in the event of an emergency.

Completing this induction does not void any induction or instructions provided independently by the school/colleges and will need to be undertaken in addition to those.

Once induction has been completed you will be provided with the information required to access the farm. Please do not pass this information/access code to anyone that has not requested access through the formal channels or not completed the induction.

The Site-Specific Induction for Spring Valley Farm should be completed annually, and you will be sent a reminder advising that you need to complete it.

Check in/check out

All persons accessing the farm must use the QR code located on a building or gate to check in and out every time you attend the property. Scanning the QR code enables us to see who is on the farm in the event of an emergency and contact you to advise of the situation and what you need to do.


When attending the farm, you must book usage through the Spring Valley Farm calendar.  Ensure that you include the area of the farm that you will be visiting. Using the calendar is to ensure visibility of attendees on any day.  Multiple bookings can be made for the one day for different locations on the farm.

Access codes/keys

When your request to access the farm has been approved and you have completed the online induction, you will be provided with the access codes to the main gate and lock key boxes where required.

Please do not pass this information/access code to anyone that has not requested access through the formal channels or not completed the induction.

Arriving at the farm

Once you have entered the Property, the main gate must always be locked and remain locked, this is to ensure that the farm remains secure and for your safety. There may also be several users onsite at any time. This removes the assumption that someone else will lock the gate when they leave.

Vehicles must not be driven or parked in paddocks or on very high grass. The heat from underneath vehicles has the potential to ignite and start a grass fire.

If access into paddocks with a vehicle is required, prior approval must be sought.


For any maintenance issues please email Spring Valley Farm with the details and the team will organise someone to attend to the farm and rectify the issue.


Use contact details to request an alternative file format.