Dr Jason Payne

Australian Award for University Teaching - Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career)
Senior Lecturer
Centre for Social Research and Methods
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

As an applied criminologist, Dr Jason Payne is committed to scaffolding student learning through a journey punctuated by genuine, contemporary and authentic criminological experiences. After 12 years in government research, Dr Payne brings to the classroom a philosophy that genuine change in the Australian criminal justice system can only be achieved by a new generation of research-literate and quantitatively-confident criminal justice practitioners, policy makers and researchers.

Having commenced university teaching as recently as 2014, Jason's integration of theory and practice into the criminology curriculum has exceeded early-career teaching expectations. His commitment to innovative and reflective practice, both inside and outside the classroom, has been strongly endorsed by his colleagues and evidenced through exceptional student evaluation results, feedback, and his receipt of the ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career) in 2017, and the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) Award for Teaching Excellence in 2016.

Taking a collegial approach, Dr Payne is committed to leading criminology in its development as a truly interdisciplinary experience for students who, above all else, will have the confidence to understand criminological data, to interpret criminological research, and through these skills challenge the outdated doctrines of our discipline.