Associate Professor Asmi Wood

Australian Award for University Teaching - Award for Teaching Excellence (Neville Bonner Award)
ANU Distinguished Educator
Associate Professor and Sub-Dean (Indigenous)

Asmi Wood's current research and publications include areas such as Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous people in Australia and Indigenous Participation in Higher Education.   His PhD was in the area of International Criminal Law/ Humanitarian law and examined the legality or otherwise of the use of force by non-state actors under international law and in cases, domestic Australian law.

The Australian Parliament, both Committees and individuals, Government agencies, community organisations, schools and Indigenous groups have all used Asmi's research to clarify key issues among staff, have invited him to speak at their public events and make contributions to their literature.  Asmi has presented several keynote addresses to large conferences interested in Indigenous issues including on issues such as 'recognition'.

He was made a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2017, won the national Australian Award for University Teaching: Neville Bonner Award for Indigenous Education in 2015 and the ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2010.