Our teachers are best of the best

There's a long list of inspirational ANU teachers who are internationally recognised or have educational achievements who will take your learning to another level. 

At ANU you will learn from recognised experts from around the globe like ACT Scientist of the Year Ceridwan Fraser and Colin Jackson, and Edna Award recipient Kim Rubenstein.

Many of our teachers have undertaken ground-breaking research at ANU which have made an impact in the media. Just a handful from 2018 includes: Elizabeth Gardiner and Steve Lee who led the research on developing a diagnostic device that can help prevent strokes and heart attacks, Jochen Brocks who was the lead senior researcher in the discovery of the earliest known animal, Antonio Tricoli[1] who led the development of optical sensors that are 50 times thinner than a strand of hair, and Larry (Yuerui) Lu who led the research in developing a thin and flexible semiconductor that can be used in bendable mobile phones.

An astounding 95% of our research is rated 'above' or 'well above' world standard in the Excellence in Research for Australia.

We count six Nobel Prize Winners among our staff and alumni. This includes our Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics 2011 for his discovery that the expansion of our universe is accelerating, radically changing the way we think about the nature of the cosmos.   

[1] ABC News