New admissions for 2020

ANU will launch a new admissions model for domestic undergraduate school leavers applying to commence in 2020.

The way domestic undergraduate students apply to ANU is changing. This new approach will be first in the nation, bringing ANU to the cutting edge in admission processes. The new admissions model will make it easier for students to choose Australia’s national university.

Simple single process

The new domestic admissions model is a new way to apply to university. A single application will cover admissions, accommodation and scholarships, while providing more certainty with earlier offers and transparency over entrance requirements.

Applicants will tell us more about who they are and what they need when they come to ANU. This will make it easier for us to asses them as a whole person, look across the scholarships they are eligible for and find the best place for them to live.

The whole person

When school leavers apply to ANU we want to get a complete picture of who they are. We are doing this by giving them the opportunity to tell us more about what skills they have learnt outside the class room.

We know students are more than just a score, we know they are passionate, we know they have unique skills, we know they gain experience through community service, volunteering, working part time, participating in school leadership, excelling in sports, gaming, performance, competitions and more.

We also know that sometimes life pans out a bit differently for some students, that they have to work hard, care for family, and face other challenges. So we want them to tell us about that too, so we can get to know the whole person.

The new admission model will introduce a compulsory skills based entry requirement. Domestic school leavers will all have to demonstrate through their co-curricular or service activities that they meet a skills threshold. Applicants will be recognised for a range of skills, ranging from communication, to personal responsibility, teamwork, inclusiveness and creative and critical thinking. Please visit the Co-curricular or service requirement page.

All students applying through the new admissions model will be required to meet the co-curricular or service skills threshold.

Early application, early offers

The new model will constitute an early admission process where school leavers will apply to ANU in March when they are in Year 12, and we will make offers in August. This means that they will know if they have a place at ANU much earlier in the year and can plan accordingly.

Successful applicants will receive conditional offers in August. Therefore, they will still need to meet the entry requirements for the program they want to get into through their final ATAR or IB score.

The new admissions model launches in March 2019 for domestic school leaver applicants who will commence undergraduate programs in Semester 1, 2020.

Admissions groups

Through the new model, applicants will get assessed under one of three groups for admission: the High Achievers Group, the Priority Group and the National Group.

All applicants will:

  • need to meet the co-curricular or service skills threshold
  • still be assessed for adjustment factors (bonus points)
  • be assessed on their Year 11 results
  • receive early conditional offers at the same time in August
  • need to accept conditional offers by end of August
  • receive confirmation of offers after final ATAR / IB scores are released.