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We’ve made it easier for you to choose Australia’s national university.

Simple, single, free

ANU is making it easier for students commencing in 2020 to choose our national university.

Are you a domestic school leaver thinking about going to university in 2020? Great news – we’ve made applying to The Australian National University even simpler.

In a single, free application you can now apply for admission, campus accommodation and more than 200 scholarships.

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Applications open in March 2019 for students commencing in 2020

Improve your employability

Both your academic performance and who you are matters to us. We want to know about the unique and valuable skills you gain outside the classroom through activities such as part-time work, volunteering in the community, caring for family members and excellence in sports.

At ANU you’ll have the opportunity to gain a world-class education in an environment where you can also take part in activities beyond your lectures. It’s these skills that will help you succeed at ANU and into your future.

Check to see if you meet the co-curricular or service requirement.

You must meet the co-curricular or service requirement and any academic requirements for your preferred program

Plan your future, early

Year 12 can be intense so we want to take as much stress out of your final year as we can. You can now apply to ANU earlier than previous years. Applications for students in Year 12 open in March 2019 and conditional offers will be released in August 2019.

Applicants who receive a conditional offer have the capacity and ambition to succeed. You’ll be set a clear ATAR goal so you can focus on your studies knowing you have a place with us when you finish.

Learn more about how ANU will assess your application for an early, conditional offer.

The nation’s University

We believe that all students, regardless of their background or life experiences, should have access to the life-changing benefits of an ANU education.

Applications to ANU are open to all students, and we will prioritise offers of admission to the following applicants:

  • students whose academic performance places them in the top 2% of their secondary school campus
  • students with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
  • students with refugee status
  • students from low socio-economic status schools (ICSEA <900)
  • students who have experienced long-term physical or psychological hardship.
  • students in the final round of the Tuckwell Scholarship application process
  • students completing ANU Extension

Learn more about how you can receive an offer from ANU.