Termination of your research program

A Delegated Authority can recommend to their ANU College Dean that a research student’s program be cancelled.

The Research Awards Rules allow a Delegated Authority to recommend a candidature for a program be terminated on the grounds that a candidate has failed to pursue the program to the satisfaction of the Delegated Authority or that the candidate has otherwise failed to comply with these Rules or a condition imposed by the Delegated Authority on the person’s admission to candidature.

The recommendation to terminate will come after efforts have been made to engage and assist the candidate as much as possible.

If termination is recommended you will be advised in writing, and will be given the opportunity to make a written or oral representation to your ANU College Dean.

You will be given 20 working days to make an oral or written representation.

After taking into account your representations, if the Dean accepts the recommendation of the Delegated Authority they must advise you of the decision to terminate your candidature. Additionally he or she must advise the Registrar who will write to you informing you of your rights to appeal the decision.

If you are terminated you will be given 20 working days to lodge an appeal to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor with the Registrar.

If you appeal to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, an appeal committee will be appointed to hear and determine your appeal. You will be given the opportunity to make written or oral or both written and oral representations to the appeal committee. You will be permitted to take to the appeal hearing a student or member of the University staff who may act as an observer but not an advocate.

You will be advised in writing of the appeal committee’s decision. If your appeal is dismissed, you will be advised of external appeal provisions that are available to you.