SET4ANU program

SET4ANU is a free orientation program designed to assist new students make the transition to life at ANU. Students who sign up for the program are assigned a later year student volunteer (called Orientation Leaders) who will help ease you into your first few weeks of life at ANU.

What can SET4ANU do for you?

The program runs for 3 weeks, and your Orientation Leader will:

  • introduce you to other students who are studying similar degrees
  • help you find places and access ANU facilities and services
  • help you navigate the various ANU online systems
  • teach you how to sign up for tutorials, the gym, clubs and societies
  • show you where you can get help with your essays and exam preparation and how to access other course specific content.

You can also contact them about any questions (big or small) or if you just need someone to talk to. Orientation Leaders however, will not be able to provide any academic tutoring or advice. They can give general advice about learning at university but for course-specific academic advice please see the College Academic advisors or the course convenor or tutors.

New Students: Apply for an Orientation Leader

Volunteering as an Orientation Leader

A SET4ANU Orientation Leader (SOL) is a later year student who acts as a facilitator for a small group of new students. The SOL helps new students adapt to university life, access campus resources and shares their knowledge about ANU. They also facilitate meeting other students by meeting up with other SOL's groups, letting them know about clubs and societies and so on.

As an Orientation Leader (OL) you:

  • develop leadership, communication and problem-solving skills
  • interact with new students, other OLs and ANU staff
  • receive a certificate of appreciation from the university
  • receive other professional development and networking opportunities
  • receive hours that count towards the ANU+ program

SOLs are required to attend training before being allocated new students. Previous SOLs are encouraged to reapply. Training dates for Semester 1 2018 program (you only need to attend one workshop):

  • Thursday 19th October 2017 (Venue: Moran G007)
  • Monday 30th October 2017 (Venue: Hancock West Room 2.24)
  • Wednesday 7th February 2018 (Venue: TBC)


Eligibility to be an Orientation Leader (OL) is as follows:

  1. All Undergraduate and Graduate students must be in their second semester of study at ANU.
  2. Be in Canberra by the Monday of the Orientation Week of the semester they are volunteering for. If you will not be at the university by then, you will not be able to be a SOL.
  3. Respect the University's equity and diversity policies.
  4. An interest in working with people from diverse backgrounds.
  5. SOL's are required to maintain at least a pass average and pass all courses enrolled in the last semester.
  6. To have a functional email address and regularly check for messages as SET4ANU information and students details are disseminated via email.
  7. New SOLs are required to complete training which consists of two online training modules and attendance at a compulsory face to face training session.
  8. Continuing SOLs need not undergo training again but must still lodge an application online.

Applications to be an Orientation Leader for Semester 1 2018 are now OPEN. Apply now to be an Orientation Leader