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Erika Hass Award »

This Prize was established by The Canberra School of Music Chamber Musicians to support instrumental musicians. The Erika Haas award is awarded annually to the leading instrumental student at the Canberra School of Music. This Prize continues to build and we would welcome further donations to music...

Erin Brent Computer Science Prize »

This Prize was named after Professor Richard Brent's late wife Erin, for her achievements in Computer Science and contribution to ANU. It is awarded to an undergraduate student who achieves the best results in Honours in computer science or the Graduate diploma in Science specialising in computer...

Ethel Tory Drama Endowment »

The Ethel Tory Drama Endowment was established in 1995 to support drama productions at ANU. This Endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support the dramatic arts at ANU.

F H Gruen Chair in Economics »

This Chair was established in honour of the late economist, Professor Fred Gruen. The Chair supports research positions within the Economics program in the Research School of Social Sciences, with a special focus on economic policy and the economic aspects of social policy that were of particular...

Fenner School of Environment and Society Scholarship »

This Scholarship was established by the late Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner and is used for a scholarship in the Centre for Resources and Environmental Science.

Frank and Bobbie Fenner Endowment »

The Frank and Bobbie Fenner Endowment was established in 1984 to support the Fenner conferences held in the John Curtin School of Medical Research. The prestigious Fenner Conferences include subjects of interest related to Professor Fenner's academic work. These conferences continue to be valuable...

Frank Fenner Bursaries and Scholarships »

These Bursaries and Scholarships were established in 2002 by the late Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner to provide financial support for students in residence at Fenner Hall.

Freilich Indigenous Law Scholarship »

The Freilich Indigenous Law Scholarship was established to assist students in the Indigenous Community who want to attend University to obtain a degree in Law to further their career aspirations. The Scholarship was established from donations to the University by the Freilich Foundation.  An annual...

French Program Endowment »

 The purpose of this Endowment is: To support teaching staff and/or people engaged in delivering the French Program including French language and culture. To enhance the activities of the French Program within the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The fund will support such activities as...

Friends of Drill Hall Gallery Endowment »

The purpose of the Endowment is to support projects at the Drill Hall Gallery including special exhibitions and the development thereof, acquisitions, to facilitate further understanding of the ANU art collection and support emerging artist projects.

Friends of the ANU Classics Museum »

This Endowment supports the Friends of the ANU Classics Museum in promoting the aims of the Museum, and encouraging interest in the ancient Mediterranean world in the wider community. The endowment will provide funds for the purchase of items for the collection, support lectures in the cultures of...

Friends of the School of Music »

The Friends of the School of Music Endowment supports a number of prizes at the School of Music which reward, acknowledge and encourage talented students. The Prizes include the Chamber Music 1st Prize, Chamber Music 2nd Prize, People's Choice Prize, Bernard Neumann Prize and the Friends Transition...

Friends of the School of Music Larko Endowment »

These Scholarships, currently supported by a bequest endowed to the Friends of the School of Music, support students studying voice and piano in the areas of both Classical and Jazz music. Your donation in support of this cause will allow more and larger scholarships to be awarded to talented...

Frohlich Endowment in Law »

The Frohlich Endowment provides Scholarships at undergraduate level; Honours and Graduate level within the ANU College of Law. It also supports research activities.

Gage and Dulhunty Endowment »

The Gage and Dulhunty Endowment was established in 2007 to support muscle research and membrane biophysics areas of the John Curtin School of Medical Research. This support can include scholarships and Prizes for students, the purchase of capital equipment, academic positions, conference support in...

Gambling Research Endowment »

This Endowment was established in 2002 to support academic research and to provide information and advice on the social and economic effects of gambling. The Endowment also supports the development of prevention strategies and treatment for problem gambling. This Endowment continues to build and we...

Gareth Long Scholarship »

The Gareth Long Scholarship was established in 2006 to commemorate Dr Long's energy and commitment as an Orthopaedic surgeon in Canberra and surrounds. The Gareth Long Scholarship was established by the Orthopaedic community as he was well respected by colleagues and patients. This scholarship...

Garrurru Postgraduate Indigenous Scholarship »

The Garrurru Scholarships in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific aims to attract Indigenous students to ANU by providing ongoing financial and pastoral support that enables them to successfully complete their studies. The scholarship has been respectfully named after the artwork Garrurru, which...

Gatenby Prize for Excellence in Internal Medicine »

Paul Gatenby was the Foundation Dean of the ANU Medical School established in 2002. He is a distinguished and inspiring physician-researcher, particularly in the field of clinical immunology. Since his first days as a medical student, Professor Gatenby has exhibited continued dedication to...

General donation »

General gifts to ANU are used to support areas of need across campus.

Geoffrey Russell Endowment »

The Geoffrey Russell Memorial Award commemorates the passion and dedication Geoffrey Russell had for physics. He was a keen physicist and intellectual who would have made an immense contribution to society if he had not died prematurely at the age of 25. Originally from Queensland, Geoffrey was an...

George Dracoulis Endowment »

The George Dracoulis Endowment was established in memory of Professor George Dracoulis to recognize his contributions to Nuclear Physics at the Australian National University and internationally. The endowment will provide a prize for a research student, or junior researcher, for an excellent...

George Zubrzycki Prize »

This Prize marks the retirement of George Zubrzycki, the Foundation Professor of Sociology in the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The Prize is awarded to an undergraduate student who achieved the best result in Sociology Honours.

Gifts in Memoriam  »

Your gift to The Australian National University is greatly appreciated. Please include a note in the comments section of the donation form to let us know who your gift is remembering.

Goldsmith Economic Research Endowment »

This Endowment was established in 2004 through a bequest. The Endowment is used to support scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as academic posts in the ANU College of Business and Economics.

Grace Groom Memorial Scholarship »

The purpose of this Endowment is to support a scholarship known as the Grace Groom Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship will provide support for an ANU PhD student studying mental health related issues.

Graduate Diploma Prize in Economics & Public Economic Policy »

This Endowment was established in 1989 by the late Emeritus Professor Russell Lloyd Mathews. The Endowment supports the Mathews Graduate Diploma Prize in Economics and Public Economic Policy along with the Mathews Prize in Public Economics. This Endowment continues to build and we would welcome...

Graham Tucker Memorial Prize »

This Prize was established in 2000 to honour the late economic historian, Graham Tucker. An annual Prize is awarded to the student who achieves the best result in the unit History of Economic Thought, which is offered by the Department of Economic History at ANU. The Graham Tucker Prize continues...

Grahame Johnston Prize for Australian Literature »

The Grahame Johnstone Prize was established at ANU and ADFA to honour the memory of Professor Grahame Johnston, who taught at ANU and at Duntroon for the major part of his career. The prize is awarded annually to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts who has achieved the best results in that...

Grimshaw Endowment »

The Peter Grimshaw Endowment was established in 1978. It is to be used as opportunity arises, to acquire significant works of art to enhance the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies accommodation.