The Tuckwell Scholarships Support Fund

The Tuckwell Scholarship program offers the most transformational undergraduate scholarship in Australia, but it is not only the financial support that makes it special.

The vision behind the Scholarship is all about helping Tuckwell Scholars make an impact on their community and the world by offering them unique educational opportunities and personal experiences.

The Scholarship is also unique in that it allows students to study a single or double undergraduate program, including honours and vertical degrees (degrees that combine undergraduate and graduate study, across a range of disciplines, completed in a reduced time-frame), in any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years.

Open to students from all around Australia, the program will award up to 25 scholarships each year.

The Scholarships have been made possible by a donation of $50 million from the Graham & Louise Tuckwell Foundation to ANU; at the time this was the largest-ever single donation from an individual to an Australian university.

This gift supports a scholarship worth over $100,000 per student for the length of their undergraduate degree. In 2015, the Scholarship program will award up to 25 $20,900 scholarships (increasing with inflation) to Tuckwell Scholars to cover on-campus residential costs, books and general living expenses.

The Tuckwell Scholarships Support Fund welcomes donations from others inspired by the generosity of the Tuckwells.

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