The Edith and Joy London Foundation (Joy London Endowment)

On 1 March 1975 through a Deed of Gift the Kioloa campus was formally handed over to the university by Joy London, in memory of her mother Edith London. In accepting the gift and naming the property in honour of Miss London and her mother, the University agreed to "preserve the land in its entirety in its natural and present state as far as is possible consistent with the purposes for which it was given." The property would be known as a 'Foundation' and managed by the Kioloa Advisory Board.

The ANU Council has recently agreed to designate the Foundation formally as part of the Foundations of the ANU Endowment for Excellence to enhance support for the ANU Kioloa Campus.

The Foundation:

  • Promotes the Kioloa campus to the broader community and highlights the need and importance of the preservation of the campus;
  • Advises on the development of fundraising strategies for educational and research opportunities at Kioloa;
  • Acts as ambassadors for the ANU Kioloa campus;
  • Advises the endowment as required on the distribution of income from the Foundation endowment;
  • Engages with donors and supports appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of donors and their support.

Funds raised through the Foundation will be used for:

  • Creative and innovative research at Kioloa
  • Student scholarships and residential awards at Kioloa
  • Residential assistance to scholars at Kioloa
  • Other priorities, including property enhancements in keeping with the Deed of Gift and the sustainability of the campus
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