Student Philanthropy

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? At ANU you will be empowered to achieve your best and be equipped with tools to excel, but what will you do with those tools to make a difference in the world? What would you change, if you could? What does it take to change the world? Passion, a great idea, courage, collaboration, commitment, philanthropy, YOU.

Join the revolution and be part of this pioneering program.


Student Crowdfunding

Do you have an idea that can change the world but need funding to make it happen? ANU student crowdfunding through USEED@ANU can help bring your idea to life. You will be provided a dedicated crowdfunding expert to support your campaign, build your fundraising team and turn your idea into a reality. I want to learn more about student crowdfunding.

Student callers

Are you looking for a well-paid, fun and professional job that is guaranteed to improve your communication skills? Become part of the ANU student calling team and get paid for chatting about student life now, and listening to graduates reminisce about their experiences at ANU. You will also be raising money to support students, enhance facilities and improve the educational experience, by encouraging donations to The ANU Fund. Register your interest in being a student caller.

Student Volunteers

Thanks to the generosity of donors around the world, ANU is helping to create the future leaders and thinkers of the nation. As a student volunteer you can help to recognise and thank donors by stewarding at events, providing campus tours, sharing stories about your time at ANU, taking part in the Annual Giving thank-a-thon or by donating your social media voice to support ANU fundraising campaigns. I want to become a student volunteer.

Student events

The Alumni Relations and Philanthropy (AR&P) office leads fundraising and alumni engagement at ANU. As part of their activities AR&P host networking and professional events for students with a focus on philanthropy. Register your interest to attend.

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