Medical Workplace Abuse Research

  • 59% of medical trainees internationally
    experience harassment and discrimination during their training
  • 33% experience sexual harassment

We know that there are qualified doctors who have experienced sexual abuse by other doctors. We have no idea how common this is because there is little research in this difficult area. We also don't know how to prevent it happening.

However, senior GPs describe caring for these doctors and it can be harrowing for them. There should be some research to help them manage this trauma: it is so important to offer appropriate care and support to victims of abuse.

This research is designed to help us understand the experience of doctors who have been sexually abused by other doctors. We think it is vital that we hear their stories and understand their journeys so we can learn how best to help them recover. We believe deeply that the way to understand these traumatic experiences is to take the time to hear the stories in depth. So this study is qualitative. It will be slow and require intensive expertise, but we think these doctors deserve to be heard and understood.

However, this sort of research is expensive and not easily funded through conventional means. Hence our appeal to the community in this forum. Frankly, we need your help to get this important study off the ground. You can find our more about us and our work at Please help us address the silence and the shame around this difficult issue by getting these stories out into the open.

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