ANU+ is open for registrations! It's an opportunity to challenge yourself, make a difference and enhance your employability. Explore our community partnerships, or volunteer on-campus and reflect on the most sought after career attributes. When you graduate, ANU will award you with formal recognition. Sign up today! 

What is ANU+?

The ANU+ Award Program is formal recognition of your skills and experience achieved through volunteering with accredited organisations during your time at ANU. Reflective practice is central to ANU+: volunteering provides the experience you will use to examine your skills in seven key areas and create action plans for your continued development during the course of the program and beyond. These include:

  • self-awareness
  • resilience
  • inclusion & awareness of diversity
  • communication skills
  • community & global engagement
  • personal & social responsibility
  • leadership skills & understanding of organisational dynamics

Completing ANU+

There are two ANU+ Awards: one for undergraduate students (completed over three or more years) and one for postgraduate students (completed over one or more years). During the program participants complete steps below (more information is available through the ANU+ Wattle site.


The program is administered through the ANU+ Wattle module- go to Wattle, search for ANU+ and self- enrol in the ANU+ module.


Participants complete initial training through the ANU+ Wattle module (OH&S and Code of Conduct) and are encouraged to attend an initial information session and workshop on reflective practice.


Participants select a volunteer activity from the accredited organisations advertised on CareerHub and listed on the ANU+ Wattle module. Apply directly to the approved contact within the organisation and, if selected, complete any mandatory training provided by the organisation. Document your volunteer hours on an ANU+ logsheet (download from Wattle), which must be signed off by the organisations ANU+ contact before being uploaded onto Wattle.


After completing a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering with the organisation, participants may reflect on one of the seven 'Student Development Outcomes' listed above, submitting the resulting written reflection for review and feedback through the ANU+ Wattle module. Following its acceptance, participants complete additional cycles of volunteering and reflection, selecting a different topic each time. The undergraduate ANU+ Award requires five cycles of volunteering and reflection while the postgraduate ANU+ Award requires three cycles.


At the end of these cycles participants in both programs integrate their learning across all their volunteering and reflective experiences and produce a single 'meta-reflection' which addresses all seven 'Student Development Outcomes'. The final work may be an extended written essay or a recorded presentation which are evaluated by a review panel.


The ANU+ supplementary transcript is issued on graduation.

ANU+ Volunteering Organisations

ANU+ partner organisations may be organisational units of the ANU or external organisations (within the ACT) identified on the basis of their not-for-profit status, their links to the community, and their commitment to social inclusion.

Volunteering opportunities must satisfy a number of criteria to be included in the ANU+ Award program. They must provide the following information about their volunteering opportunity:

  • Position title/description
  • Type of volunteering activity
  • Summary of what the volunteering activity will involve
  • List of responsibilities, tasks, and, if necessary, selection criteria or prerequisites
  • Information on location of volunteering activity, number of hours involved, whether training is going to be provided, etc
  • Have appropriate policies and insurances in place
  • Comply with the Fair Work Act
  • Be able to offer a minimum of 25 hours of volunteer work over the course of a year
  • Contribute to students' learning through the seven Student Development Outcomes
  • Separate legal entities unrelated to ANU or affiliated organisations must sign a ANU+ volunteer agreement
  • Contact person/facilitator of activities.

Opportunities in additional organisations will be added to the ANU+ Award as they complete the necessary steps to join the program. If you have an existing volunteering role with an organisation and you would like it to be considered for inclusion in ANU+, you may request that the organisation makes contact with the ANU+ program staff at Establishing an agreement takes time and may not be completed before your volunteering activity ends.

Prior Volunteering Experience

In 2017 only, the first year of the program, participants may request that volunteering completed in the twelve months prior to joining the program (no earlier than February 2016) be included in their transcript where that experience satisfies the conditions for inclusion in the ANU+ Award. In particular, volunteering hours can be signed off by an approved representative of the organisation, the volunteering role satisfies ANU+ conditions (including having a position description, training and supervisor) and the experience is used by the participant to engage in reflection on ANU+ student development outcomes.