Language program information

Undergraduate students may choose to study a language as a major (8 courses) or minor (4 courses), or a single course as an elective, and all of these can be included as part of a wide range of different degrees. Many students study a language as part of the Bachelor of Arts. Students may also choose to study a Bachelor of Languages, or incorporate a language into a specialist degree that focuses on a particular geographical or cultural area, for example:

Students may combine any of these degrees with other degrees on offer at ANU through an ANU flexible double degree (e.g. Bachelor of Commerce, Law, Science, etc.). Another alternative is the Diploma of Languages program, in which language study may be undertaken alongside your bachelor degree or as a standalone program.

Students may further continue their language study as honours or postgraduate students. ANU offers several language-focussed postgraduate programs including the Master of Translation and the Master of General and Applied Linguistics, as well as PhD opportunities.

Students may also choose to study languages as part of:

No prior language knowledge is necessary to study languages at ANU. But if you do have prior knowledge of the language you want to study, you can sit a placement test to assess your eligibility to start at a higher level. The exact sequence of courses you take during your program depends on your language proficiency when you start studying.