Yuill Travel Grant to Support the ICJ Fellowship Programme


Each year the ANU College of Law may offer an award known as the Yuill Travel Grant to Support the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Fellowship Programme ('the Award').

The objective of the Award is to support the recipient to undertake a ten-month Fellowship programme with the ICJ in The Hague, Netherlands. 

The aim of the Fellowship is to improve participants' understanding of international law and of the Court's procedures by actively involving them in the work of the Court and allowing them to gain experience under the supervision of a judge. The recipient will be required to assist judges of the ICJ in their day-to-day working tasks, including carrying out research, preparing case files, and drafting documents and judgments.

Funding for this Award has been provided by the Yuill Endowment established in memory of the late Justice Gordon Yuill of the Family Court of Australia.

Field of study



The Award is available each year to a current ANU student or ANU Alum who is (at the time of application):

  • a domestic or international student; and 
  • in their final year of Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws (Hons), whether undertaking as a single or flexible double degree, at the ANU College of Law; or
  • enrolled in the LLM at the ANU College of Law; or
  • a recent graduate of the LLB(Hons), JD or LLM from the ANU College of Law. A 'recent' graduate is defined as one graduating within five years of the date of application for the Award.


The value of the Award is stated in your letter of offer. The Award is paid in a one-off instalment upon accepting the Award unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.

The recipient is responsible for organising their passport, visa and insurance, and other costs involved in travel.

How to apply

Click 'Apply now' at the top of this page to access the application form 

The application will cover both the fellowship program and the travel grant.

Further information

The 2022-2023 Judicial Fellows Programme will run from September 2022 to June/July 2023.

If a Fellowship is not awarded by the ICJ to the candidate/s nominated by the ANU College of Law, the travel grant will not be awarded.