Vice-Chancellor's Undergraduate Scholarship for the Diplomatic Corps in Australia


To acknowledge the University's relationship with the Canberra diplomatic community a scholarship has been established that provides a tuition fee concession to accredited diplomats and their immediate family. 

Field of study



The Scholarship shall be available for award to a student who is:

  • an accredited member of the Diplomatic Corps in Australia holding a 995 visa and resident in Canberra or immediate local areas; or the legal or defacto partner/spouse of an accredited member of the Diplomatic Corps in Australia; or the child (including stepchild, adopted child or foster child) of an accredited member of the Diplomatic Corps in Australia; and
  • is posted to, or whose parent/partner/spouse is posted to an embassy in, and resides in, Canberra or the ACT Region*; and
  • has received an offer of admission and will enrol in their first undergraduate coursework degree program; and
  • is not receiving financial assistance from their embassy to assist with educational expenses.

*The ACT Region is defined at the following website


50% tuition fee for up to 5 years.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted to the Coursework Scholarships Office prior to the first day of the semester in which the scholarship is sought.

Further information

The tuition fee concession will continue for the duration of the student's undergraduate degree while they continue to meet the eligibility requirements.