Types of scholarships

There are four types of scholarships that students can obtain:

  • Access scholarships
  • Academic or Sport scholarships
  • Residential scholarships
  • Travel/study grants

All students can apply, or be considered for, for as many scholarships as they would like - however, there are restrictions around what types of scholarships can be held concurrently for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

An undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student can concurrently hold:

  • multiple ANU Access scholarships
  • one ANU Academic/Sports scholarship
  • one ANU Residential scholarship up to a maximum value of $25,000
  • multiple Travel/study grants

Please ensure you know the type of scholarship you are applying for, and if it will affect your concurrently held scholarships.

In the case where an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student is eligible for, and is awarded numerous scholarships which breach the permitted threshold, scholarships will be allocated in the following priority:

  1. Highest total value of combined scholarships
  2. Highest total value within the first year of the scholarships
  3. Longest duration of funding